Sasha Reisin (b. 1990, Buenos Aires, Argentina) started practicing street art in 2012 with the group Primo, portraying foreign indigenous cultures. Later, his work developed into focusing on the relationship between public art and its social environment, often in marginalized neighborhoods.
In 2017 he co-founded the art collective MUTA (Urban Movement for Artistic Transformation), starting with a cultural house in Buenos Aires and then traveling across Latin America, organizing participatory urbanism projects with local communities.
Currently, his practice deals with the collective memories and native cosmologies of Latin American heritage, creating shared immersive experiences to reinforce local community connections.


My work focuses on empowering local communities through public art projects, based on the reflection of collective memories and identities. To achieve this, I conduct extensive secondary research and organize public meetings, 1:1 interviews, and participatory workshops. This process evolves into a community partnership and culminates in the co-creation of public artworks, creating new alliances for the future.

Hence the community is not only portraying themselves on the wall, but is also learning the frameworks for self reflection, identity development, and reaching shared consensus. The concept of the artwork reflects the process of diversity and participation, while reinforcing community bonds. 

For the last ten years, I have organized public art and community-based projects across Argentina, Ecuador, Panama, Colombia and Mexico. I find that common threads emerge between the stories and traditions of people who live thousands of miles away from each other. Anecdotes, photos, and sketches from communities I’ve already visited sometimes resonate with people in completely different countries and cross-continental links start to appear.



2017-18 ― Painting studies with Diego Cirulli. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2015-16 ― Painting studies with Alejandro Sordí. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

2016 ― Graduated with a degree in Electronic Arts from the National University of Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Residencies and speaking

2021 ― Residency with Hemispheric Conversations: Urban Art Project (HCUAP). Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US.

2021 ― Panel discussion ʻOther Voices. Other Walls: Originary Cosmovisions in Contemporary Street Artʼ with the Society to Preserve the Millvale Murals of Maxo Vanka and HCUAP. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. Video:

2020 ― Residency ʻEstudio Abiertoʼ. Oaxaca, Mexico.

2019 ― Panel discussion ʻCommunity art and gentrificationʼ at FEA ‒ Festival de Ediciones Autográficas. Ibarra, Ecuador.

Curatorial work

2017-18 ― Mural festival FINITO. Buenos Aires. Two events.

2017-18 ― Art festival MANGO. Buenos Aires. Instagram @mangoferia. Five events.

2017-18 ― Organizer of workshops, events and festivals in MUTA cultural house. Buenos Aires. Instagram @experienciamuta

2016-17 ― Workshop ʻIntroduction to Muralismʼ at Croma Latino – Encuentro Latinoamericano de Diseño. Universidad de Palermo, Buenos Aires. Two events.

Community-based projects

2022-23 ― Selected in the cultural patronage program with the Buenos Aires City Government, with the project ‘Identity and Migration. Participatory Muralism in Ciudad Oculta (Villa 15)’.

2020 ― ‘Enlace Defensa’, participatory urbanism project in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, making the design and painting of large scale murals in the highway ceiling and the ground of the whole block, to join two areas of the neighborhood that had become disconnected. Supported by IDB and Buenos Aires City Government. Video:

2019 ― Community mural based on identities and legends of the local Zapotec culture. With Colectivo MUTA and A.C. Una Mano Para Oaxaca. Asunción Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. Video:

2019 ― Participative design, community management and participatory urbanism in Santa Ana, Panama City, to create a trash-free safe route between 3 strategic public spaces. With Colectivo MUTA and Conservatorio SA. Video:

2019 ― Collective improvement of a rural school in Ayampe, Ecuador, being expanded and transformed into a Montessori method. With Colectivo MUTA.

2019 ― Participatory urbanism and big scale artistic intervention to create a safe tourism route with local artisans and neighbors. Project made with Colectivo MUTA and Experiencias Urbanas in Toctiuco, Quito, Ecuador. Video:

2019 ― Community mural in Barrio Villa 31, led by a local gastronomy collective for the organization of a recurring food exhibition. Supported by the Buenos Aires City Government.

2018 ― Mural painting of a 15 meters tall water tower, based on local flora and fauna of the Patagonian desert. Commissioned by the Las Heras Government.

2017 ― Mural workshop in Ciudad Oculta (Villa 15). Supported by the Buenos Aires City Government. Video:


2020 ― ‘Huellas Tilcajete’. San Martín Tilcajete, Oaxaca, Mexico.

2020 ― ‘GAM – graffiti arte mural’. San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

2020 ― ‘Artivismo Mx’, art week in Mexico. Huerto Roma Verde, Mexico City.

2020-19 ― ‘Zaanarte’. Zaachila, Oaxaca, Mexico. Two events.

2019 ― ‘.mov call 4a’. Panama City, Panama.

2019 ― ‘Solcrijam’, Panama City, Panama.

2019 ― ‘Panama Mural Fest’, Panama City, Panama.

2019 ― NUMU (Nuevo Mural). Ibarra – Ecuador.

2019 ― Festival Toctiuco, organized by Colectivo MUTA. Quito, Ecuador.

2018-17 ― ‘MAAANSO ‒ Encuentro Internacional de Muralistas y Graffiteros’. San Juan, Argentina.

2017 ― ‘Traer la Naturaleza a Buenos Aires’. Argentina.

2016 ― ‘Open House Buenos Aires’, Hospital Pirovano.

2016 ― ‘Meeting of Styles ‒ Argentina’, San Isidro, Buenos Aires.

2016 ― Live painting at ‘FELA’ afrobeat festival. Buenos Aires.

2015 ―‘Segundo Encuentro Latinoamericano de Arte Urbano de Luján’. Buenos Aires.

2015 ― ‘Museo y Ritmo al Aire Libre’. Atalaya, Buenos Aires.

2015 ― 1st prize of the street art contest in Escuela Da Vinci, resulting in a mural in the facade of the building. Buenos Aires.

2014 ― ‘Festival Concreto’. City Bell, Buenos Aires.

2013 ― ‘Late Unsa’. Club Central Norte, Salta, Argentina.

2012 ― ‘Haciendo Zigzag, 1er Encuentro Latinoamericano de Graffiti’ in La Plata, Buenos Aires.

Group Exhibitions

2021 ― ‘Color’s Nature’ at KSD gallery with HCUAP, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US. 

2020 ― ‘Feria de la Acción’ at Ex fábrica de harina, Mexico City.

2019 ― ‘Desde las calles’ at Centro Cultural Internacional, Panama City.

2017 ― ‘Pintura Pública’ at Centro Cultural ‘El Quetzal’, Buenos Aires.

2017 ― ‘Zenti2 ‒ Exposición de artistas urbanos’ at Espacio Animal, Buenos Aires.

2016 ― ‘Roots/Raíces’ at Gallery 788, curated by Buenos Aires Street Art and Section1 Project. Baltimore, US.

2016 ― ‘Muralismo’ at Espacio Cabrera, Universidad de Palermo. Buenos Aires. 

2015 ― ‘Street Art’ at Espacio Cabrera, Universidad de Palermo. Buenos Aires.

2012 ― Inclusion in the ‘Street Art Project’ of Google Cultural Institute.