Participatory methodology & Community Engagement

Every project I undertake is carried out in six phases. Here are some results of the last experiences.

Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, US.

Creation of four site-specific sculptures for Arsenal Park inspired by the fauna and heritage of the area.

Interviews & surveys with neighbours

School visits


Commissioned by Public Art & Civic Design Commission from Pittsburgh.

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Marshalltown, Iowa – USA

Creation of four murals capturing the unique experiences and dreams of its residents.

15 virtual interviews with community members from both public and private sectors.

Open days to paint. The symbols residents painted on the walls showcase their hopes, dreams and what resiliency meant to them following the natural disasters.

Commissioned by the Arts + Culture Alliance of Marshall County.

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Oakla, California – U.S.

mask-making workshops with immigrant and refugee youth.

large community-based mural.

Commissioned by East Bay Agency for Children NGO.

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Hoytsville, Utah, USA. 2022

Permanently installed public artwork.


School visits

Participatory mural painting

Commissioned by Arts Council of Park City & Summit County.

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Quito – Ecuador

Design and coordination of a participatory mural painting on a 300-steps public stairway based on a new tourism route.

Group tours around the neighborhood, collaborative murals, and collective mappings activities.

Logo design and visual identity for the neighborhood, later converted as paste ups for street interventions.

Urban farming, placemaking prototypes and urban furniture.

Project made with MUTA collective, supported by Slum Dwellers International.

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Buenos Aires – Argentina

mural training and mentoring for seven emerging artists of diverse marginal neighborhoods/slums.

Commissioned by Fundacion Santander bank.

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Panama City – Panama

Art and recycling festival.

Workshops to address public waste issues.

Pocket plaza design with neighbours
Public murals.

Project made with MUTA collective, commissioned by Conservatorio SA.

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Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca – Mexico

Interviews with local artists, artisans and educators for a participatory mural.

Art workshops in schools to work on local symbols and identities.

Open paint days.

Project made with MUTA collective, supported by Una Mano Para Oaxaca.

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