Day of Dead mural in Oaxaca, Mexico

Mural painting for the Day of Dead festival, at the entrance of the cemetery in Zaachila, a local town in Oaxaca, Mexico – 2019.
I was amazed at the naturalness with which death is embraced, the joy of its memories, children playing around the tombs, thousands of flowers, food, dolls.
People making offerings to the bonds that constitute us as families, to understand that we are never isolated points on the map but arrows that intersect with each stroke, with each look and laughter. Vectors of meanings fed by love and that is what the day of the dead is about for me, honoring the bonds to feel connected, feel whole. Life and death are circumstances that touch us and in the end the spirits are plants that are watered and bear fruit as long as someone is willing to harvest them.
The values of rituals, parties and tributes are something that we need to incorporate more, a reaffirmation of existence, an OK we are on the right path surrounded by affection, OK everything is better than we think, and in the end, there is no end, it’s all the way and PUM suddenly the present invades us and I find myself surrounded by flowers, candles, musicians, tacos, devils, dead’s, friends, all this takes us to another level of existence or rather cross all levels and explode in an interdimensional cosmic ball.
This mural was my contribution to Zaanarte festival, thanks for this beautiful family and for the community spirit that invades all these intentions.