New Fire mural in Mexico City

Mural painted for the Secretary of Public Works of Mexico City, in 2021, measuring 5 x 9m.

Based on a prehispanic ritual from the local area, where people would make a big fire in the top of a hill every year, to burn old belongings and make way for the new year. Then every person would take the fire and distribute it across the whole city.

Leaving our mark in a transportation epicenter of Mexico City, outside the subway and the new cablebus terminal station, Constitution of 1917. A site with a tremendous traffic of people. 🚡🚆
Hopefully these walls can create a different reality, an imaginary of colors and symbols that resonate with people, that touches them in some new way. What do we mean, what do we impose in such a crowded and demanding public space? Is it about embellishing, and lightening, or is it about proposing a visual scenario that triggers emotions, reflections? These are the questions we ask ourselves every day.
Collaboration with Eva Bracamontes.