Quechua mural in Panama City

This mural was painted for PMF – Panama Mural Fest, in Panama City. It was made in May 2019 with vinyl and spray paint, and measures 6 x 4m.

The portrait is based on an wold Quechua woman from Quito, Ecuador, that participated in our community workshops for Placemaking. An interesting theme that has emerged is the common threads between the stories and traditions of people who live thousands of miles away from each other. Anecdotes, photos, and sketches from communities I’ve already visited sometimes resonate with people in completely different countries and cross-continental links start to appear, like this Ecuadorian Quechua elder painted in Panama City.

In this mural I explore imaginary abstractions and geometries, through a deep color work, that spark new meanings when mixed with the photorealistic portrait. These forms take over the face and play with a contrast between a figurative and a more illustrated style.