Hoytsville Mural

2022 Hoytsville Mural


Arcane Mural

2021 – Mural painted for the release of Netflix original series Arcane, commissioned by League of Legends’ company Riot Games.

Fundacion Santander – Tu Mural, Tu Lugar

2022-23 Mural training for emerging artists of marginal neighborhoods/slums, based on local neighborhoods symbols. Commissioned by Fundacion Santander bank.

Saavedra Graffiti artists invite us to reflect

2016 – Video by La Nacion, one of the biggest news media in Argentina.

Ciudad Oculta

2017 ̶ Mural workshop in Ciudad Oculta (Villa 15). Supported by the Buenos Aires City Government.

Mango art show

2018 – Fifth edition of Mango, art festival we organized to support +40 independent artist that gathered in each edition of the art show.

Santa Ana placemaking project

2019 ̶ Participatory urbanism project in Santa Ana, Panama City, to create a trash-free safe route between 3 strategic public spaces. With Colectivo MUTA and Conservatorio SA.

Colores del Casco – Panama City mural

2019 – Mural installation to support and give life back to the only accesible beach in Panama City, located in the old city center of Casco Viejo. This project was commissioned by Conservatorio SA, engaging with the surrounding community.

Ixtaltepec community mural

2019 ̶ Community mural based on identities and legends of the local Zapotec culture. With Colectivo MUTA and A.C. Una Mano Para Oaxaca. Asunción Ixtaltepec, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Totem installation mapping

2018 / Buenos Aires, Argentina. Temporary projection mapping installation using recycled cardboard. Mango Art Show.