Project: Parece mentira (It seems unreal)
Location: Coalville, Utah – USA. 2023
Artist team: Romeo Sosa & Sasha Reisin
Photography: Donhko
Commissioner: Arts Council of Park City & Summit County
Concept: Metal modules organically crushed by a tractor, mirroring local rock formations, creating a unique public art installation. It is a sitting and relaxing space for community bonding. The artwork incorporates magnets inspired by local petroglyphs and community outreach, to forge new community symbols.

It seems unreal to live surrounded by lakes, mountains, and the most hospitable people I have ever met. To travel to the heart of a distant country and immerse oneself in other customs. To become a scientist with the patterns and repetitions of nature. It seems unreal to transform metal from its rawest form to the point of its smoothness, inducing the organic, investing all our energy in an object that will occupy another space and reality. We explore materiality to ask ourselves, how many other ways of perceiving are possible? The experience unfolds in every corner of the work, the game is to imagine the lines that connect the pieces in the void. To sit, to breathe, to absorb nature, and to connect with what surrounds us.